Tag: Dwarf


  • Leina Ironguard

    When Leina was first introduced, she acts strong but plain, with little to no personality, she opens up if the party chooses to spend time with her. Her main role is to be a guide to the drarwven fortress sent by the king, but is secretly his illegitimate …

  • King Boren waraxe

    A rowdy king who odviosuly is not well suited to the job, he lets most of the ordering happen via his advisor, though he obsiovlsy does have a good heart, he is mostly drunk, and always making a joke. He and his advisor send the hero's on their jernoy to …

  • Detatun Darkscale

    dislikes those who set out on an adventuring lifestyle, as he only has one arm due to a birth defect. He will act rude towards the adventures if they choose to come inspect the industrial sector. If left unchallenged, his greed will be his undoing.